Open letter From Vladimir Voinovich



Open letter to the president of the Russian Federation. From Vladimir Voinovich — a famous russian writer.

Mister president!
When the young Ukrainian heroin Nadezhda Savchenko will die in a Russian prison from hunger, this probably will not offend the sensibilities of your electorate. But you must think about how it will affect the public opinion of the world. Very possibly and predictably that reaction will be more acute than the reaction on annexation of Crimea or on the war in Donbass. People are so arranged that sometimes death of one man shocks them more than death of hundreds on the battlefield. Attitude towards you outside of our country now is unflattering, but if Savchenko dies, it would be better for you not to appear in Western capitals. Crowds of people will await you with insulting shouts and throw on you something smelly. And the name Savchenko will become a household name. People will compose legends, write books, make movies about her, and naming streets and squares Savchenko in her honor. Please don’t disgrace once again yourself and Russia and prevent the loss of this courageous woman.
Looking at the absurdity of the charges that were filed, she’s should just be released.

Vladimir Voinovich


25/02/15 »

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