Dear comrades!

Dear comrades from Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay and other countries of Latin America! I also welcome the comrades of fraternal Serbia, Romania, Poland, Czech Republic, England, Italy, Greece and other fraternal sorry, I can continue like this a long time…….Rafaael Lusvarghi  personalty.
I want to tell you.

putin sem

Putin — not a communist!
Putin — not an anarchist!
Putin —  is a capitalist !!!

And he want to be biggest capitalist than American. He want to be a tsar.

All those years when he is a Russian president , he bought cheap or even just taken for free a huge companies on all territories of the former Soviet republics, by the frontmen.  Read about Khodorkovsky.

In Ukraine Putin’s oligarchs that  was yesterday beggars, in a short time became a coal magnates and owner of titanium mines.

Ukrain and Russia have to say alot of thanks, for the good things that they did to each other in the past. But Putin personaly don’t deserve nothing. Only for one stuff Ukraine have to thank Putin — corruption.
Ukraine expelled Yanukovich, who was a thief and a figurehead of President Putin.
Yesterday other Putin’s man who was convicted of fraud in the elections of Yanukovych, jumped out from the window before a court verdict handed down.

And what happend with my Left sided brothers?
You volunteered to fight on my father’s land, for goodness of a charlatans!
You come to crush my city to explode my people to beak my life!
After Maidan, after we are recessive some hope to have some freedom.

Yesterday at the Red Square was killed a wonderful man Russian opposition leader Boris Nemtsov. At a distance of 400 meters from the Kremlin. Putin could watch from the window this massacre, .
Putin’s effrontery has no limits.

Soon Russia will begin mass protests!
You cheated! You’re dying for the goodness of the fraudsters.


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